I mash my keyboard like a baby eating birthday cake 

and it helps businesses sell more of the things they're trying to sell.  

I'm a copywriter and creative marketing strategist who thinks in great detail about things normal people ignore.  It drives my wife insane.

And it produces campaigns laser targeted to customers. 


I almost always work from home. I don't always wear pants.

-My copy is raising millions of dollars in investments.

-It’s a SaaS commercial inspired by my grandma.

-It’s marketing luxury real estate during the current market crash as it did during the previous two. 

-I don't know if that last thing is a good example. 


I hit your deadlines,

beat your current open rates,

get CTAs clicked.

...and sneak in an occasional haiku.

My extensive time on the less creative, operations side of businesses also gives me a set of tools that most writers simply don’t have. I can speak to the decision makers running teams of hundreds because I’ve been that decision maker.


My client portfolio is available for anyone to see. But since I’m regularly hired by other marketing agencies, I have more work I’m happy to share. I just don’t want it hanging out and advertising that the team you hired, turned around and hired me. 

I like it when they hire me.  


And my work is highly strategic. 

Although I give attention to every word, it’s not art. 

I’m interested in what works and I go to great lengths to make sure I consider everything that leads customers to buying decisions. 


The average first time visit to a B2B site lasts 82 seconds.

The average person reads non fiction, such as this, at 238 wpm.  

That means I have 325 words to convince someone to take action.