Eat24 (Food Delivery App)

Weekly marketing email

It's not like we just sit around all week trying to come up with an email to send every Friday. We're busy here. This week we spent one entire day testing the theory that everything is better with cheese on top (Confirmed), we spent four hours building a pizza box fort (it's hard to do construction after eating that much pizza), we spent two days arguing over who would win in a fight between Antonin Careme and Auguste Escoffier (just Google it), then we still had to get all the sweet and sour sauce off of our keyboards. That left very little time to come up with a new email.

We stared at our screens and we thought about Jill, Todd, Travis, Kevin the goldfish, and Ron the delivery guy, and how they helped us generate email content in the past. We thought about hitting up Dave from accounting for a third time. We thought about Pupusas and Samosas. We even thought about just reusing last week's email. (We've eaten week old Chinese food before.) Then it hit us. Why not just let a customer write the coupon email this week?

Use this code to do a little less work and get a little more wok.* That's what Matt would do.

Coupon Code:


Need another coupon? Sure thing! Just tweet this and we'll hook you up with another code:"I do all my own chewing, but I let @Eat24 do the rest of the work."

You're the au to our jus.



*Can you believe they let me get away with that? Talk about paying peanuts and getting monkeys. I really don't know what that means, but if I were going to pay with peanuts I would definitely get them honey roasted first, and then expect Gorillas. Anyways, they are even letting me write the legal stuff. The best coupon code ever expires on Sunday May 24th at 11:59PM PDT. You must be an Eat24 member to use the code (but signing up is easier than getting someone else to do your job for a week). The code can only be used once on orders of $10 or more when paying with Credit Card, Google Wallet or Paypal. Except for me, I get to use it forever. -Matt